Two-Dimensional Foil(New!)

About Me

Bingjing Sun is a New York-based illustrator and graphic designer whose work merges fantasy, futurism, and humanism. Using vibrant palettes, motion graphics and augmented reality (AR), she crafts immerseive pieces aimed at exploring human experiences and envisioning future landscapes. Influenced by her Chinese heritage and global travels, her work propels audiences into new emotional and thoughtful dimensions.

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Artist’s Statement

Bingjing Sun is an illustrator born in Shanghai, currently based in New York City. In the course of her artistic exploration, she immerses herself in the realms of humanity, fantasy, and futurism. Bingjing’s aim is to employ art as a vehicle for delving into the profound dimensions of the human experience and for envisioning the landscapes of the future. To achieve this, Bingjing crafts digital art that combines diverse visual experiences, seamlessly merging motion graphics and augmented reality to create immersive and thought-provoking pieces.

Influenced by her Chinese cultural heritage and the insights gleaned from her travels, her art embodies a unique blend of logic and creativity. Her style is characterized by abstract concepts, fluid textures, and rational compositions, brought to life through a vibrant and engaging color palette.

Bingjing’s artistic journey is a continuous exploration of both the human experience and the shared aspirations for the future. Her goal is to exhibit her artworks in gallery settings and leverage her skills to influence the fields of editorial and graphic design, injecting her perspective into storytelling and visual communication. Through Bingjing’s art, she aims to captivate, inspire, and propel audiences into new dimensions of thought and emotion.